Pine Creek High School Music

Weekly Margrave Message

Week of September 12th

On September 17 we will be joining two other bands to have a great day of music making and camaraderie.  Pine Creek, Harrison and Mesa Ridge will be coming together for an intense and different rehearsal day.  The whole day will take place at Harrison High School (2755 Janitell Rd., Colorado Springs, CO 80906)

On this day instead of meeting at PCHS we will meet at HHS.  We unfortunately have fewer Saturday rehearsals this year due to the football schedule, so we are going to make the most of this fabulous opportunity!!

This day consists of us getting time for music rehearsal, visual rehearsal, general effect rehearsal in a stadium and time with some adjudicators who are experienced through CBA.  Students will also be able to watch and
support each other’s performances and get to know two other wonderful groups in our city!!


We still need volunteers to sign-up for the Harrison Combined practice this week. The Props for this year show will take parents to get them assembled on competition days as well as get them on the field for the show. As a reminder, there are separate sign up spots for Pit and Props.

Anyone who wants to help with Props and can come on Wednesday night during practice time would be appreciated. We are planning on putting a couple of the props up to see how it is going to work for Saturday and the future.

I apologize that some of you are having trouble with the group link. For all sign-ups the code is always the same. If the actually hyperlink doesn't work on this e-mail, just cut and paste it into your browser. This link will also be on our website as well:

There are some items that we are hoping to borrow for the season. These are for the food crew:
Canopies/Easy ups
Tables for food service
Camp stoves

Please contact Kelly Marchbank at, if you have these items to loan and we can arrange how to get them from you.

Looking forward to a great day on Saturday and to see how all the hard work of your students has paid off. Thank you again for all your help and support!!!

Schedule for the day:
8:15 AM - meet at HHS (2755 Janitell Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80906)
8:30 AM - music, visual or GE rotation 1
9:30 AM - break and transfer to next clinic location
9:45 AM - music, visual or GE rotation 2
10:45 AM - break and transfer to next location
11:00 AM - music, visual or GE rotation 3
12:00 PM - lunch in the cafeteria, BRING YOUR OWN LUNCH
1:00 PM - Mesa Ridge Rehearsal in stadium, PCHS and HHS rehearse
2:15 PM - all in stadium to watch MRHS performance
2:45 PM - PCHS or HHS in stadium to rehearse
3:45 PM - PCHS or HHS in stadium to rehearse
5:00 PM - PARENT PERFORMANCE OF HHS and PCHS shows - with adjudication from clinicians
5:30 PM - clean up/set up for pot luck
6:00 PM - pot luck for HHS and PCHS students and families

Please bring something in your category that will feed 6 - 8 people.  Please make sure to label your ingredients!!!!

Drum majors: utensils, napkins
Flutes: plates, cups
Clarinets: Side dish
Saxophones: Side dish
Bass clarinets: Main dish
Trumpets: Main dish
Mellophone: Side dish
Low Brass: Dessert
Percussion: Main dish
Guard: Dessert

Week of Aug 15th

Hello everyone!!

Welcome back!!!  I'm thrilled to have the chance to work with this amazing musicians!!!

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Kate Margrave and I am the band, jazz band and orchestra director at Pine Creek.  This is my 13th year teaching and 9th at PCHS.  I am incredibly passionate about teaching music, and I love working with students to create something new and beautiful.

Just a few things for all students participating in instrumental music:

First semester classes:
Marching band - please have instruments on 8/16
Jazz ensemble - please have instruments on 8/19
Orchestra - please have instruments 8/19

Auditions for symphonic band will take place the week of October 31.  If you would like audition music, please come see me!

Colorado Springs Youth Symphony participants - just a reminder that you are REQUIRED to take a full year of ensemble classes here at Pine Creek.  This is a CSYSA rule that will be enforced here.  Please be sure you have two semesters of an ensemble class on your schedule, and if you need to adjust please come see me.  I will help you!!

Concert dates for the year:
Winter Jazz Concert: 12/7/16, 6:00 PM
Winter Orchestra/Concert Band Concert:  12/7/16, 7:30 PM
Future Eagles Concert (concert band/symphonic band):  3/1/17, 7:00 pm
Orchestra Concert and Student Recital:  4/26/17, 6:00 pm
Final Jazz Concert:  5/3/17, 6:00 pm
Final Concert Band/Symphonic Band Concert:  5/3/17, 7:30 pm

We are hoping to travel second semester with all ensembles to the Colorado West Festival in Grand Junction, CO.  More information to follow!!!

Thank you all so much!!!  Please email me with any questions!

Kate Margrave