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STATE WEEK! Fight for Finals

Marching Band News

I just wanted to take a moment and let you all know that the band represented Pine Creek with grace and excellence last night.  It was only 44 degrees when we performed, but the students handled it well and persevered. 

Pine Creek was 5th at the Regional festival, scoring the highest Regional score in Pine Creek history.  The students supported all the other bands and are thrilled.  There are three more 4A bands to play today, but we are currently seeded 8th so we will be advancing to state for the 10th time in PCHS history!!!  The judges tapes and video from last night are in the Google Drive View folder.  

We will know when we play next week later today.  I will send that information out as soon as I can.

This now begins STATE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!  

This is an intense but wonderful time to really come together to push to another new level.  We only have 15 hours of full ensemble rehearsal left before Friday's quarterfinals.  Between Harrison and last night we had 5 hours.  Think what we can do this next week!!!!  We want to spend this time efficiently and wisely - focusing on cleaning and perfecting.  Our focus is to be the best we can.  We want to Fight for Finals!!!

Here is the reminders of the rest of the season rehearsals - NOT including sectionals, which will still be taking place this week.

Friday, Oct. 21 - full ensemble 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Saturday, Oct. 22 - full ensemble 8:00 am to 10:00am, then head to game to be ready by 11:15 am (D20 stadium - remember!!  We are feeding you pizza lunch!!!!)

Monday, Oct. 24 - in class rehearsal 
Monday, Oct. 24 - full ensemble rehearsal 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Wednesday, Oct. 26 - in class rehearsal
Wednesday, Oct. 26 - full ensemble rehearsal, 5:30 to 8:30
Thursday, Oct. 27 - full rehearsal, 5:30 to 7:30
Friday, Oct. 28 - QUARTERFINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!

The band has set themselves up for success in the state championships.  We want to persevere to have the best performances we can next week.  I'm SO PROUD of these students.  They are incredible!!!!!!  Thank you for all of your support!!!

SENIORS - please let me know who is escorting you on Saturday!!!  The Saturday game will be fun and a bit crazy - it is middle school day too!!!!

March-A-Thon Scheduled for September 17th

The goal of the fundraiser is to raise monies that will be used for:

The March-A-Thon will be held on Saturday, September 17, 2016 at the Harrison High School Joint Rehearsal. The Band will be practicing for 8 hours that day. Students will be asking for pledges from Friends and Family for for each hour of practice. See the documentation here.

There is a contest for top pledges and top pledging sections.

$100 Best Buy Gift Card for top pledges.

Top Section gets dinner before next Wed. night practice.


Hello everyone!!!

Here is the schedule of events for the Legacy festival!!!!  Just 11 days away!!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2016
Adams 12 Five Star Stadium
9360 Washington Street Thornton, Colorado

Friday, September 23
Afterschool – truck crew loads

Saturday, September 24
6:45 AM – meet at PCHS
7:15 AM – load buses
9:00 AM – arrive at Adams 12 Five Star Stadium, unload truck, have snack, use restrooms
9:45 AM – change into uniform
10:20 AM - changed and in full uniform ready to move to warm ups
10:40 AM – Body warm up
11:00 AM – pit warm up
11:10 AM – move to music warm up
11:15 AM – music warm up
11:45 AM – move to on deck
11:50 AM– all on deck
12:00 PM – PERFORM!!!!!
12:30 PM – instruments and uniforms away, head to have lunch
1:20 PM – if done, head into the stadium to hear Rampart (they perform at 1:30)

*******listen to bands, relax in the stands, cheer really loudly for everyone!!  Full schedule is attached*******

3:30 PM – Liberty performs
4:15 PM – Air Academy performs
4:45 PM – prelims retreat

After retreat we will find out if we will perform again in the evening.  If we do, we will head back to the truck and buses to get ready to play a second time!!!  If we do not, we will head to the buses to head back to PCHS.  If we don’t make finals, we will be back around 7 (this is just a guess, it depends on traffic and truck loading – students will call/text on our way back).  If we make finals, we won’t be returning until approximately 11:30 PM.  We WILL feed the students dinner if we make it to finals. 
For the day, students will need:
Marching band shirt as last layer (if we have the new ones in time)
Marching band shoes
TALL black socks
Comfortable shorts/pants/leggings for under uniform - please do NOT wear jeans!!
Extra clothes to layer/change into in the evening depending on the weather
Money if they will want any souvenirs (patches, tshirts, etc.)
Money if they will want to purchase any concessions at the stadium
Extra snacks if they need
Every piece of their uniform (students will not be allowed to perform if they forget a part of their uniform – shoes, socks, jacket, pants, gauntlets, gloves, shako)

This will be the first time we are out there as a band in a competition setting.  There are certain things I expect from the ensemble.  They need to be supportive of all other bands, cheering for them and showing great audience skills. We will sit together as a band in the stands.  Students are not allowed to be on their phones while a band is performing.  In between ensembles is acceptable.  

Students are expected to keep all negative comments to themselves and only use proper language.  We are not only representing Pine Creek, but our whole music program.  In the past, we have been known for being one of the most supportive and enthusiastic bands in the state.  This reputation is very important to me and to the school, and this will continue.

Please let me know if you have any questions!!  I’m so excited for this group to perform.  It will be a wonderful day!!



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