Pine Creek High School Music


King Sooper's Fundraiser Cards

King Soopers fundraiser cards will be available at the concert, and banquet for those who haven't received a card yet and shop at King Soopers.  This is an easy way to make money for the band as King Soopers donates 5% of what you load on the card to the PCHS music program!!  We will have information sheets available with the cards or call Gina McCutcheon at 649-7805 for more information. 

We just hit the magic number of $5000, so we will be receiving our first check from King Soopers for $250.  Thanks to everyone who has been faithfully using their cards.  Between the ARC Fundraiser last year and King Soopers, we have made $750 for Band by just cleaning out our closets and shopping where we normally shop.  It is that easy to help make a difference.